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Freelancing is getting hyped day by day. People are inclining more towards freelancing, especially from the developing countries where skillful people are exploited by big corporates and paid even less than $200 per month to graduates. People used to work before as they had no option; however, after the widespread availability of the internet and social media, more and more people are moving from their on-site jobs to full-time freelancing careers. It is expected that one out of every three people would be doing freelancing in the years ahead. 

The most significant advantage of freelancing is you can do it at any time, space, and pace with your own comfort. You are the boss of your own business. Some people refer to it now as a type of entrepreneurial start. One cannot expect this from a job in a company. 

It also has advanced women empowerment, especially for the developing countries in Asia. Women have been proved to be more successful and experienced in the field of freelancing. There are some backward thinking countries where women are not allowed to work and go out for work. Though this has a high impact on their countries economy. Thanks to freelancing, women contribute to the economy using freelancing marketplaces and earning way more than their counterparts.

Coming to the gist of the post, Which is the skill which can make you earn thousand's of dollars with ZERO Experience?

The answer is WRITING.

Writing is the only niche that does not require any degree of expertise (although one excel with working experience).

 If you have completed 14years of your education or you were always the one who loves to read and write. Then the only thing stopping you from earning is you. Let's take a look at some more opportunities where writers, especially the new ones, can start their freelancing careers write away. 

We will help you to get your way to your first 1000 dollars. Let's dive into it.

Content Mills

Many people don't know what content mills sites are. It is basically a crowdsourcing platform where clients give their writing projects to them and then they make them done via their enrolled pool of writers. 

The client gives the amount for the task to these content mill sites and they pay their writers for that accordingly. 

These are some of the content mill sites available online:
One can give their writing services as a freelancer on different freelancing marketplaces. On the websites, one has to sign-up and start searching for projects. When you find something you can do comfortably, one can place a proposal for the project.
A freelancing profile will certainly give you a better chance to showcase your profile and after getting some experience, you won't need to go and search for jobs but jobs would come to you. 
This is why this is the most authentic way of working online for the long term.

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