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MLM SCAMS | VCC | QNET | Have you ever received a call from an unexpected person (School/College Friend or Acquaintance) after a long time asking you about your life? Did he told you that "He is doing something amazing" or "doing something big"? Hearing that you went to his social media profiles flooded with pictures of seminars, social events involving thousand's of guys from hundreds of countries. He would be calling himself "The Entrepreneur." Then, It is one hundred percent SCAM. These scams are again getting hyped these days of economic instability due to COVID-19.

Read it carefully and do watch all the videos. 

Check out this Video about QNET SCAM in Urdu/Hindi:

In this article, I will be sharing 7 signs to identify MLM SCAMS and PONZY SCHEMES.

1. Someone calling you after a long time 

It is the first and classic sign if someone from your school messaged you on Facebook and tried to start a conversation asking you about college, family, etc. Also, if they tell you that they have been doing "SOMETHING BIG IN LIFE," such as doing a business, which has the potential to grow into MILLIONs after investing thousands (or hundreds). When we listen to these things, it makes us curious, and we wonder how they are doing this all. They will never gonna tell you what exactly they do "Network Marketing"  OR "Multi-Level Marketing." They may say that they do a STARTUP or "E-COMMERCE." or "E-BUSINESS," or saying they are doing "SALES DISTRIBUTION" on a GLOBAL SCALE. People often trust when they say that they involve people from different countries.  They will never tell you about their business until you invest some money.

2. Social Media Fakeness

You will see these posts on their social media accounts. "Entrepreneur For Life" with pictures of online/offline seminars. They usually share publically that how they are motivated with this venture, and there target is to get someone inquisitive and asking them, WHAT IS THIS? So basically, they initially motivate you; this is what they are trained to do.

3. They will ask you to Join their Business

They will message you again that they have a super exciting opportunity for you. They will call you and say they have "THOUSANDS" of people willing to join, but they selected "YOU" because you both know and are compatible with each other and "BLA BLA." 

4. Big Event's

They will organize large gatherings and seminars from which you would believe that they have really done something LEGIT. Never get trapped by them if you can make millions of dollars from scamming millions of people. Can't they invest in some thousand dollars for their events?

5. Super Busy

They will tell you that they are super busy doing so-called "E-BUSINESS" just to create "HYPE" and seek your attention. They will tell you that, they have a super tight schedule. Your friend would tell you that he has to like request a thousand of times to their SENIOR's/OWNER's/Investor's of the company to schedule a meeting. For your selection in this prestigious organization, one has to go through an "INTERVIEW."
LOL! Who gives an interview for investing money. But these all are tactics to show how professional and super-secret their group is. The interview would be taken by a super professional person with a huge amount of experience working in different countries. They will try everything to make you believe that they are a legal organization.

6. Never Going to Tell You Directly

So if you ask them about their business, they will never explain to you exactly; rather, they say that they will tell you everything after you get "SHORTLISTED", They find you Like-Minded, and once you pay them the token of the so-called investment.   
But deep down, all their interviews are just as FAKE as they are. 

7. Attend an Online Meeting/Interview

These interviews are done by super experienced salespeople, who will motivate you. There is a high chance that you get trapped in this stage. It is highly recommended to "NEVER" attend these meetings.


If you have been involved or have experienced it at any stage, just go away from these "SCHEMES" as quickly as possible.
  • If the person is super closed, who asked you to be part of it, try to convince them to take back their money and leave all this activity.
  • Tell them to stop involving other people in these "FRAUDS." In the end, these companies will run away, making you a victim. 
  • This will be you who will be defamed in front of society. 
  • People because of them. 
  • They will never gonna be trusted by anyone for the rest of their life. A friend won't talk to them anymore. 
  • One can face depression and social isolation. 
  • Earning money by scamming  100's of people is morally wrong, and you will always be dissatisfied yourself with even if you get millions through this. 
  • Please, I request, if you feel you are trapped, don't recover your money by fooling others. Trust me, you will never gonna recover it 100% of your money for sure. You have a great time ahead, and you can make that money in the long run. But it takes a whole life to build trust. Leave it now and guide others to stay away from it. 

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Money making either online or offline has no shortcut. You have to respect it and earn it using hard work. 
Please share it with all your friends, family and make them aware of these MLM SCAMS schemes. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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