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Earn Money From Internet

Earn Money From Internet | Are you a student? Are you struggling to step in freelance markets? If so, you are in the right place.
In this post, We will be sharing all the secrets and mistakes you are doing. Read till the End.
I was in my 8th Grade and always heard about people doing online work. I always wondered how does this all works? How one can earn money online just working from their laptops.

Suppose you have searched about this topic. You must have got articles/videos online telling you about earning $1000's/day by their secure method with some simple stuff. If so, I want to tell you that they are nothing but SCAMS. These are just wholly FAKE articles for the sake of some clicks.
I am starting a guide to all on how to get started and earn your first dollar.


  1. If you can communicate, write, and understand the English language’s elementary level, you are ready to go.
  2. You would require a Laptop/Desktop PC with an active Internet Connection.
  3. You are motivated to learn new skills and stay committed to it.
The third requirement is essential, and you need to be very calm and composed. You should be consistent and stay motivated.
I read different articles where it was people were introducing freelancing platforms. I right away went to the platform and signed up an account.
There are easy 4 steps to follow, and if you follow each step carefully. I can guarantee you 100% success.

1. Selecting a Skill and Start Learning

There are many different skills one can start learning. These are the top 10 skills you can start learning and which has a high demand for freelancing platforms.
  • Graphics Design (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator)
  • Content Writing (Writing Articles, Technical writeups, Story Writing)
  • Blogging
  • Virtual Assistant Work 
  • Learning Programming and tech
  • Data Scrapping 
  • WordPress and Website Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Digital Marketing
  • Excel & PowerPoint Customization
  • And much more
These are some skills one can get started. I will be doing a separate series of articles on each of them, so stay tuned to my blog.
There are several online courses available online. One can learn from free of cost within a couple of months from the World’s most prominent institutions (MIT, Harvard, IBM, Google, Amazon, etc.).
We will also be discussing these in my next post each of them in detail and some courses to get started, so do follow our website. You can check out free courses of Coursera in 2020 here

2. Build a Portfolio

Usually, People directly jump into making profiles on freelancing platforms. I would suggest it in the next step.
In the beginning, you will find it very difficult to get clients to trust and make an order. To get the client's interest to create a profile.
When you complete learning a skill, try to volunteer for people in your family and friend circle. Use social media platforms to offer people different services for free and take their valuable feedback. It will help you improve your skills as well will build your profile.
A profile is a piece of evidence to show to your clients about your skills and abilities. It can be different graphic design, sample content you have written, websites you have prepared, videos you have created, etc.

3. Freelancing Platforms

There are different freelancing platforms where one can get started.
If you are a beginner and confused in which platform to get started, I recommend starting with FIVERR. Look at the post “Make Your First GIG | Introductory Fiverr Guide to Get Started”
When making an account, make sure you take care of the following things in mind:
  • Enter all your details correctly and accurately on the platform
  • Upload a kind, decent, and professional photograph of yours. It increases your credibility. If not possible, upload your customized logo.
  • Use Bidding(Buyer Request) on a job if you are 100% sure you can do the job efficiently and effectively. 
  • Avoid Cancelation and Bad Review initially.
  • Be Aware of Fraud/Fake buyers. Only work on a project when your order is placed and confirmed by the freelance website.  Most of the fake buyers trap you saying about issues with payment methods.
  • In the start, bid (Buyer Request offer) as low as possible. Think of it like this. There are a bunch of people bidding for a single job with some of them with high ratings and established profiles. Therefore, as a beginner, start with a lower amount.
  • An offer should be professionally written, start with a greeting, sharing your experience with the job, and some hints you will do to solve the problem. Give your regards in the end.
  • Attach a link to your portfolio document or profile with the cover letter (offer).
  • Avoid sharing your details like (phone no, email, social media ids) with your client as it is against the terms of the platforms’ condition. This may result in disabling of your account.
  • We have a comprehensive blog discussing Fiverr and how to make GIG on it. You can check it here.
Read more about it here.

4. Be Patient

Online earning is no magic. You need to be consistent and remain active on the websites. Keep learning about it. Follow our blogs to learn more about different skills and freelancing tips.
Comment below and tell me about your experience in freelancing platforms.
What more you want to know, let us know in the comment section. If you need any suggestions or information or help, I would love to help you.
Let me know when you get success in earning money from internet using Online Freelancing Methods 😀!

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