Top 15 In-Demand Skills For Freelance

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Skills for Freelancing | Most in Demand Freelance Skills 2020| In this post, we will discuss the top 15 skills which can make you earn 1000's of dollars a month. Without wasting any further let's jump into it...

1- Web Development

Web development is the most in-demand skill for freelancing in 2020. As the availability of the internet is increasing day by day, corporates and businesses are investing a huge amount of money in their digital presence. Due to this, there is always a high demand for web designers and developers to create a web solution for their organization. 
With a boom in internet access, small businesses are turning up in huge numbers to get their websites developed. If I search Upwork right now, there are more than 30k jobs have been posted. Covid19 has also increased in demand for online and eCommerce stores, increasing the demand of web developers.
Website developers, regardless of the platform they choose to build the websites, are in good demand on all freelance marketplaces. Their skills are in-demand in many types of organizations, from charities to startups, giving you the flexibility to work on high-impact projects.

2- Software Development

Software development is on the second spot. There is a huge no of demand for the development of desktop and cloud-based applications.

3- Artificial Intelligence/Data Science

AI has turned out to be a game-changer, and intelligent machines are becoming a new trend. AI has been used to help in the diagnosis of diseases, predict stock prices, and much more. It is helping in the financial industry, medicine, sports, automotive, and, most importantly, helping in decision making for corporates. Thus, the future is AI. It is the right time to learn about it right now.

4- Graphics Designing

If you are wondering where the hell is Graphics designing. So here it is. If you have experience with adobe photoshop and illustrator, you have a bright chance to get your first order within a week. As the demand for computer aid designs, website development, and social media marketing has increased eventually. They all require some serious graphical content to ace in their respective fields. Graphic designers usually build logos, banners, illustrations, posters, and UI/UX of websites. Although there is a high demand for skill, the field is highly competitive. One has to be highly proficient before entering into the marketplace.

5- Mobile App Development

With a decrease in the cost of smartphones, they have now been available to people living in small-town villages to big urban cities. People do most of their work using smartphones, therefore, business and startups are converting their ideas to smartphone applications. There are a large number of jobs on and Upwork regarding iOS/Android and cross-platform mobile application development.

6- SEO

Everybody needs a website but without traffic, the site is good for nothing. SEO (search engine optimization) helps in the better ranking of a website in major search engines, Google primarily.
There are tons of courses out there on the internet, but the one I like is on Udemy. You can master this skill within 6 months and practice it to learn more. Keep in mind, this field changes quickly because the algorithm for SEO on Google changes quickly.

7- Career Advice and Mentoring

Career coaching is in high demand these days. People looking for experts to help them with their work-life balance, corporate issues, and much more. There are also contacted for creating/improving their resume or review their resumes, creating professional LinkedIn accounts, tips for acing technical/non-technical interviews, mock interviews, and much more.

8- BlockChain

Originally created for cryptocurrency, blockchain is quickly evolving to suit other purposes. Some companies want to take advantage of blockchain’s secure and distributed model in different industries: law, governance, logistics, insurance, and healthcare. Freelancers should consider acquiring blockchain expertise on top of more traditional skills. Aside from being one of the trending skills this year, blockchain is expected to be in demand for the long haul.

9- ReactJS / Angular/ Wordpress

ReactJS, Angular, WordPress are technologies to develop websites. There are a variety of jobs on freelancing platforms. It will be of great if one starts learning these technologies right now because they will be in demand in the long run.

10- Digital Marketing/Social Media Marketing

As the world is growing at a fast pace, the demand for social media marketing, digital marketing has also increased. This is because of an increasing population of social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin. People have now understood the importance of having a digital presence for their personal, professional, and business growth. Digital marketing helps businesses (regardless of any scale) to reach out to their potential clients and do business online. To boost their digital presence, companies are investing a handsome amount of money in different types of marketing skills such as emails, copywriting, SEO, social media posts, etc. Digital marketing plays a vital role in increasing brand recognition. Business owners and investors believe that digital marketing is the most important aspect to grow their businesses and generate profits. In freelancing, there is a lot of scope for digital and social media marketing, even small companies usually look for a digital marketer for their website or social media page.

11- Animation/Video Creation

Nowadays, people prefer to watch video content rather than reading text posts; therefore this trend has increased the demand and scope for video animation and video creation. Videos tend to attract people's attention and are more engaging for the public. Just like video-based advertisements fetch more people as compared to the print advertisements.
From the past decade, youtube has become the biggest platform for watching videos, similarly, the demand for youtube video creation has also skyrocketed. It not only makes you popular but also has a huge potential to make you rich. Software such as Fimora, Adobe Premier are top-rated for video editing jobs.
If you are good at video creation, editing or animation you can use this skill for freelancing as well. 

12- Creative Writing/Technical Writing

In my personal observation, I have seen a huge demand for freelancing platforms looking for bloggers, content writers for websites, and blogs.
There’s also a massive world of commercial writing that includes everything from web content to technical manuals to journalism, grant writing, and advertising copywriting. And all of this has to be arranged and corrected by editors.

13- Data Entry/Virtual Assistant

If you want to start right away without learning any extra bit. You can get started with data entry, data extraction, and virtual assistants' job. There is a large no of job posts daily in this particular field, and interestingly there is no educational requirement for this job. If you know how to use a computer and have proficiency in the English language, you are good to go.
Being a virtual assistant requires no specialized training or certifications, so it’s one of the most attractive options for freelance newbies. However, the competition is extreme.

14- Accounts/Book Keeping

Accounting and bookkeeping is another in-demand skill of today's time.   Although there are plenty of tools and software in the market, companies still want qualified and competent individuals who know how to use these tools so they can free themselves from bookkeeping tasks and focus more on their core business. If you are skilled at bookkeeping and accounting, then you can charge a competitive market rate as a freelancer.

15- Excel/Spreadsheets

While many people are competent in using Microsoft office, but manipulating data beyond simple SUM formulas is not that everyone's forte. If you are pro at using PIVOT tables and VLOOKUPS, then you can have a greater chance to get hired as a data analyst or business analyst to resolve complex queries of your clients or companies. Even if you are not an expert in this, no need to worry about it. You can learn it in a few weeks. All you need to have is an analytical mind and a dedication to learning new skills like this one. 

That's all from Most in Demand Skills For Freelance 2020. Feel free to comment and let us know about your thoughts.

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